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  • This week Ive been working on a very bright Christening Cake for Ollies Christening on 1/2/15.  I love make sugarpaste animals they are one of my most favouriate things to make.  I was given an open book on which animals to choose, so I though a cute little Duck, cuddly Teddy bear and an adorable Elephant. Here are my sneeky peeks x 

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    We was asked to make some Gluten free cupcakes, now with gluten free we make the cupcakes using gluten free flour, we cant however say the cakes are completly gluten free as we have normal standard flour in our kitchen.

    Now for the tasting, we made a small batch and I was very pleasantly suprised they didnt taste any different from my normal cupcakes, (my husband and son didnt notice any difference) and they were still nice to eat two days later!! 

    We made Vanilla sponge with Strawberry buttercream, picture below, first pic is naked! and has a very nice flat top!, 

    Second pic is the cupcakes with a generous swirl of strawberry buttercream.

    Helen xx

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    Happy New Year 06 January 2015 | Comments (0)

    I’ve been looking back at my last year of cake making and looking forward to all the beautiful cakes to come. I can't wait to show you all the new creations I've got coming up, for weddings but for now, here are some of the cakes from the last year.


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    Welcome to Cupcake-Heaven and welcome to my blog.  Here I hope to give you a delicious taste of all this cakey, what’s been happening in the kitchen, I hope you will enjoy reading about my cakes and looking at pictures I have uploaded. Enjoy x.

    Here is my new Logo I have had designed, plus the whole website too x

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